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About besthost

  • Member Since: 26/08/2017


Users will be granted FTP access (File Transfer Protocol) after ordering a web hosting to transfer website files to the web hosting data center. To be able to use FTP required an FTP program, for example WS FTP, Smart FTP, Cute FTP, etc. FTP program is mostly found on the internet with the status of free use and must pay. The effective way of publication is to pay, although it should be a little bit out but the site quickly go to search engines and known by visitors.

The web designers can also use the FTP facility that is integrated with the website maker program, eg Adobe Dreamweaver.Publication of the website. The existence of the website is of no use built without visits or known by the public or internet visitors. Because the effectiveness of the site depends on the amount of visitors and comments that enter. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly.

To introduce the site to the public requires so-called publications or promotions. Publication of sites in the community can be done in various ways such as with pamphlets, leaflets, billboards, business cards and so on but this way can be said is still less effective and very limited. The usual and most effective way with unlimited space or time is direct publicity on the internet through search engines-search engines (search engines, such as: Yahoo, Google, MSN, Search Indonesia, etc.). How to publish on search engines there are free and some are paying. The free ones are usually limited and long enough to be logged in and recognized on popular search engines like Yahoo or Google.

To support the continuation of the site required maintenance at any time as desired such as adding information, news, articles, links, images or so forth. Without good maintenance the site will seem boring or monotonous will also be immediately left visitors. Site maintenance can be done per certain period such as every day, every week or every month regularly or periodically depending on requirement (not routine). Regular maintenance is usually used by news sites, article providers, organizations or government agencies. While periodic maintenance usually for personal sites, sales / e-commerce, and so forth.

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