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Those Voices

POEMS 12/01/2017

To sail on an ocean
My child always wanted to sail on an ocean
I look unto you now
And can only imagine how your dream has been poisoned
With the salt blistering your skin
And a look of bewildered terror
Faith hammers cantankerously at the table
And demands such fear of the young
Who clutch their hands, so aware 
Of the black mass which swells beneath them
And which I cannot urge them to forget
Those voices lost in the void
On a wind which on other days may serve as the breeze
To a family holiday, or a yachtsman’s paradise
But now only carries the howls of a nightmare
All will be fine, the words cannot ring true even to my ear
As custodian what hell I have brought you to
A hell which you cannot understand
But have accepted, though trust ought abandon you
To see new lands
My brother always wanted to see new lands
But not to flee his own
You charge into peril
But what land greets you now,
A land with arms open or a closed fist?
Robbed of a country and an identity.
To be the strength of your convictions
To be the strength of your convictions said my grandfather
But now I have no strength.
Dan Hall

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